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Installing Optispark Pre

Before Installation!!

-The spline (gear) on the bottom of the distributor can only be inserted into the CAM one way. Inserting the spline (gear) incorrectly will cause a no-start problem and also damage the spline (gear). Doing this will void the warranty.

-Be sure to identify the conjoined teeth marking on the spline (gear) prior to installation.

-The distributor will fit flush against the timing cover without any force only when the spline (gear) is inserted correctly. Otherwise, it will not fit flush and the vehicle’s timing will be off causing a no-start.

-It is always best to note the actual position of the spline (gear) on your original distributor when it is removed so that you know the correct position of the spline (gear).

DO NOT tamper or attempt to disassemble as this will void the warranty.

Distributor Installation Checklist

  1. The spark plug wires should be in good condition and measured to make sure they are operating at the proper resistance, if the resistance is too high or disconnected the spark plug wires will need to be replaced. Consult the vehicle’s manual or manufacturer for the correct resistance reading.
  2. The cable used as a ground must have a good connection.
  3. If the ignition coil is an external one check to ensure it is functioning properly.
  4. Check the vehicle’s valve timing and make sure the timing belt is correctly installed.
  5. The position of the distributor is very important on some vehicles. Please mark the position of the old distributor before removing it so that you can install the new one in the same position.
  6. Check the vehicle’s ECU signal to make sure it is sending a signal to the ignition control module.
  7. Check the timing of the vehicle. If it is incorrect, adjust accordingly.
  8. Start the engine to check the battery voltage, if battery voltage is over 14.5 volts, please replace the regulator.