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Honda Tips Install

There is a large misconception that Honda and Acura Throttle Position Sensors are "Riveted" in. This is false. Those "rivets" are actually screws with no head on them. You can either use a flat headed screwdriver and hammer to remove them, or you can cut a slot into them with a dremmel and unscrew them with a flathead screwdriver.

Get a good flat-headed screw driver that has a good edge on it. You need the good edge to dig into the screw material. Place the screwdriver at an angle and Tap the end of the screw driver with a hammer. The screw will rotate counter clockwise and loosen. You should be able to finish unscrewing it with the pad of your thumb. This method is more difficult.

Cut a slot into the "rivet-screw" Use a steady hand and cut carefully. Cut deep enough into the screw so that you can get a standard screwdriver blade into the slot and then Unscrew the rivet screws.

You do not want to re-use the original "rivet-screws". Go to the hardware/parts store and match the threads to a new, stainless metric bolt of the same size and length. If you have a Fast Idle Thermo Valve laying around, you can rob the screws from the cover plate.

When you initially install the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) It will be way-off, it will need to be turned counter-clockwise until the bolt holes line up. Screw the bolts on finger-tight and then plug it in.

Start the car. With it Idling, Using a multi-meter, measure the voltage between the red and green wires. Adjust untill the voltage reads .45V at idle. Tighten those screws/bolts down! Re-check the voltage.

The information contained in this install guide is for reference purposes only, All Ignition highly suggests the use of a professional certified technician for installation of any parts purchased from us.