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Camshaft Position Sensor For 1997-2006 BMW

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Restore proper timing to your engine with this new direct replacement Camshaft Position Sensor the CPS is a key component to your engine's timing and firing system. The Camshaft Position Sensor in most vehicles sends a signal to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) letting the computer know the position of the engine for timing and fuel injection pulses to the engine. A bad or malfunctioning cam sensor will often cause a service engine light error code and or cause a no start condition or rough running due to inaccurate ignition and fuel timing.

Manufacturer: American Auto Direct
Condition: New
High Quality OEM Replacement Part
Fit and Quality Guaranteed
Ready for Install Straight out of the box

2000 BMW 323CI
1999-2006 BMW 323I
1999 BMW 323IS
2001-2006 BMW 325CI
2001-2005 BMW 325I
2001-2005 BMW 325XI
2000 BMW 328CI
1999-2000 BMW 328I
1999 BMW 328IS
2001-2006 BMW 330CI
2001-2005 BMW 330I
2001-2005 BMW 330XI
2001-2005 BMW 525I
1999-2000 BMW 528I
2001-2005 BMW 530I
2004-2006 BMW X3
2001-2006 BMW X5 3.0L L6 Intake Side
1997-2002 BMW Z3
2003-2005 BMW Z4
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