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Brand New ABS Wheel Speed Sensor For 2004-2008 Audi

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Replace your prone to fail wheel speed sensors with this new direct replacement sensor. Symptoms of a malfunctioning ABS/SPEED sensor include having your ABS improperly engage or not engage ABS light staying on and poor braking performance. The factory ABS sensors have been known to fail and unfortunately the dealers' solution to this problem is cleaning the sensors rather than replacement which most often results in the reoccurrence of the same ABS problem.

Manufacturer: AIP Electronics
Condition: New
High Quality OEM Replacement Part
Fit and Quality Guaranteed
Ready for Install Straight out of the box

2004-2008 AUDI A4 Front
2004-2008 AUDI A4 QUATTRO Front
2007-2008 AUDI RS4 Front
2004-2008 AUDI S4 Front
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